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Futura font has been very popular in the modern design world. Although it was first released to the public in the late 20th decade of the last century. Futura is the brainchild of famous designer Paul Renner. He is both a font designer and a renowned teacher and painter.

However, it is unknown that the Futura font was officially known to everyone when it was released by Bauer Type Foundry. It is considered an inspirational creative product stemming from the Bauhaus movement in Germany and several other European countries.

To talk about the development of the Futura font. It can be said that, at first, this font was only sketched initially, derived from the idea of ​​the shapes of triangles, squares, and circles. Next, the studio came together to help him refine the idea and make this Futura font more and more useful with whatever tools or devices that use it.

Paul Renner’s Futura is so popular that it has also won the hearts of most software and application developers. You can see the astonishing legibility of this Futura font, with its simple handwriting structure yet elegance. The space between characters is also very harmonious, making your text very accessible.

Futura font has many different unique styles such as Thin, Light, Book, Medium, Heavy, Bold, Extra Bold, Italic. And here we will also introduce and provide you more fonts with styles similar to the Futura font above. With the desire to provide you fonts that meet the needs of the designer. Hope these alternative Futura fonts will please you all.

Futura Next

Futura Next font

In the past, present, and future. Futura font has been and will be, and similar to Fortnite font, demonstrating its important role in the art of design. Especially the ability to highlight events, exchanges, or publications during important launches.

Futura font has even been nominated and honored at exhibitions, especially in Germany, the cradle of this unique and famous font. With a charming interface that is no less luxurious but simple. Futura font is trusted by graphic designers for use in the vast majority of their important work.

Futura PT

Futura PT font

The Bauhaus movement in the 20th decade of the last century has become a typical art design trend. Futura was then sketched and designed by Paul Renner specifically for the Bauer company in the early 1927 and 1928 years. Soon after, the Futura font became a font with many useful features and visibility. Marketing is almost perfect.

Architype Renner font

Architype Renner font

Architype Renner font is one in new 4 weights family has been developed from the original Renner Bold and Regular. This exclusive font was designed by The Foundry for the first Architype Collections in the early 1990s.

Paul Renner is a very famous typeface designer. His fonts have their own unique inspirations. At the same time, he often designs Sans Serif fonts according to the needs and tastes of all current trends. Architype Renner sans font is optically corrected and so they have very uniform line spacing. Each font has a distinct personality that is not the same.

Renner Book font

Renner Book font

Renner* is really just a font for your own electronic age. It is located off of this job of Paul Renner, the programmer of Futura. Renner* can be a origonal font which intends to retain the attitude of Futura in the place of the specific design. Futura was supposed to be more operational in its own afternoon as well as in that soul, Renner* intends to be functional as possible at the digital age.

Additionally, it incorporates features, a lot which will be impossible at the age of Paul Renner. Renner* includes 9 weights, which range from hair-line into Black. It can hold many languages, which comprises stylistic alternatives, and also both tabular and payable amounts.

Now Regular

Now Regular

Enormous thanks for Alfredo Marco Pradil for supplying Currently font at No Cost. Make certain that you have a look at his still yet another works for more inspirational stuff.

Today, This font is really actually just a low contrast typeface using somewhat of personality. Today font comprises six fashions that are united together to allow a superb look for your design.

Louis George Cafe

These fonts are 100 percent FREE for the personal and company usages. This is really just a sans-serif basic font. It’s really a professional version that was complicated hand made and computer-generated images, and assorted revisions.

After installing the personal pc, you may produce posters, web images, game images, t-shirts videos, signs, logos and much more.

Century Gothic

Century Gothic™ is predicated on Monotype 20th Century, that has been drawn by Sol Hess between 1936 and 1947. Century Gothic maintains the basic design of 20th Century but has an enlarged x-height and it has already been modified to ensure satisfactory output from modern digital methods.

The plan has been influenced by the geometric style sans serif faces that were popular throughout the 1920s and 30s. Even the Century Gothic font family is helpful for headlines and general display work and for small amounts of text, especially in advertising. The Century Gothic family was expanded to 14 weights at a Pan-European character group from Thin into Black and also their Italics.

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