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Papyrus font

by Bupkis Congenial

You must have heard of the Papyrus font. This is a great font that has an extremely simple interface but is very easy to read even at a small size. Papyrus font was first designed in 1982 by one of the many genius typeface designers named Chris Costello.

However, it was not until the following years, specifically in 1983, that this font was officially published to the public by the Letraset company, which was a font casting company with headquarters in London’s capital, UK. There are many popular operating systems in the world that have integrated the Papyrus font into their systems, including Microsoft Corporation. To date, Papyrus font is owned by ITC.

With a rather neat but very simple appearance, it contains slightly curved and irregular lines in each stroke. It’s a very popular comic font in popular storybooks, and it’s designed with traditional Sans Serif strokes without the character pins.

When looking at the Papyrus font, we can also see that there are similarities with the strangely familiar Spongebob font. This is acceptable because you can change your design style according to each use.

According to the words of designer Chris Costello said in his autobiography. He created the biblical Papyrus font, which is great for people who want to design their products in a classic style. Especially the Papyrus font was designed by him when he was in his twenties, a very young age like the appearance of this unique font.

Using this Papyrus font

Papyrus font, you can see it appearing on many famous platforms and applications in the world right from the early days of the internet started to become popular. Both Microsoft and Apple have integrated Papyrus font on their products, which are Windows and MacOS operating systems. You can completely recognize the appearance of Papyrus on common applications such as Word, Excel, FrontPage, etc. Famous brands have also applied this font to their products such as Hollywood, Walt Disney, and video games, famous comic book companies can’t help but notice this font.

Papyrus Comic font

Papyrus font free download

Papyrus font

Papyrus font free

Papyrus font download

Author License Information

This Papyrus font is free for PERSONAL USE purposes.

More information

  • Name: Papyrus font
  • Designer: Chris Costello
  • Published: ITC
  • Category: Sans Serif, Comic
  • File Format: OTF, TTF
  • Type: Regular
  • Year Released: 1983
  • Font License: FREE for personal use

Download Papyrus font FREE

Here at Fontz.co, we are providing this sans-serif typeface and the whole comic font for free and you can download it for free. So click on the download button and keep it on your device. Make sure to use it just for your personal use.

This font is FREE for personal use. The full version of this font is for commercial use, buy it HERE.


Multi-lingual support

Aymara, Albanian, Afrikaans, Breton, Bislama, Basque; Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Chamorro, Corsican, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Estonian, English, French, Finnish, Faroese, Fijian, Galician, Guaraní, German, Hausa, Indonesian, Hungarian, Igbo, Interlingua, Irish, Ido, Icelandic, Kanuri, Italian, Javanese, Latin, Kurdish, Lithuanian, Luganda, Lingala, Maltese, Latvian, Marshallese, Navaho, Navajo, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian, Ndonga Nynorsk, Polish, Moldavian, Moldovan, Scottish Gaelic; Gaelic, Romanian, Slovak, Swati, Slovene, Somali, Swedish, Spanish, Tagalog, Turkish, Tonga (Tonga Islands), Tahitian, Vietnamese, Venda, Walloon, Valencian, Xhosa, Wolof, Welsh, Western Frisian, Yoruba.

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Font Family

  • Papyrus Regular font

FAQs about Papyrus font

1. What type of font is Papyrus?

Answer: Papyrus is a multipurpose great modern sans serif typeface font with a unique style (Papyrus Regular).

2. Is Papyrus font safe to download and use on my MAC or Windows?

Answer: Yes, It is 100% safe to download for both MAC and Windows.

3. Is there any font similar to Papyrus in Google Fonts?

Answer: Yes, It has. A near similar alternative in Google fonts to Papyrus font is Nikeet font.

4. Is it OK to install and use this font on an internet platform?

Answer: Yes, you can download, install, and use the Papyrus font on the internet platform as well as the Applications.

5. How to download and install the Papyrus font on my Windows or MAC?

Answer: You can see about Mac and Windows guide to install Bamboo font for your computer.

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